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Welcome to The Administrator, a blog geared to higher education professionals that discusses issues, challenges and best practices in the administration of student financial aid. The Administrator features articles written by ECG’s team of full-time consultants, who have many years of  industry experience working with colleges and universities across the country!

This blog includes topics covering the following categories pertinent to financial aid administration:

  • Compliance
  • Financial Aid Office Management
  • Technology
  • Training

Rules of Engagement

The Administrator is a place for open dialogue about financial aid topics and best practices. We value the collective expertise of the financial aid community and hope you will join the conversation.

Because ECG is a professional services company, there are certain topics we will not be able to discuss here and comments that pertain to specific client work will not be posted. Additionally, because financial aid is a highly regulated industry, we will not express a legal or regulatory opinion about specific issues in our blog articles, or post comments to that effect. To enable this, we have developed the following rules:

  • Reading The Administrator does not require signing up, but if you would like to comment we ask that you do so. Anonymous comments will not be posted.
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  • We will attempt to reply to all comments.

In the spirit of blogging, we may link to other sites from time to time. Links to and from The Administrator do not imply an endorsement. The Evans Consulting Group, Inc. reserves the right to modify these rules at any time.

Thanks for reading The Administrator and sharing your views with us. (Updated: July 2013)